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Dan Everett

Think Before You Ink

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: May 3, 2021 07:55

At least his tattoo looks good.

Ok yeah, we are talking about tattoos again! 
It seems it doesn't matter how many times a person is warned about getting a very permanent tattoo, some still do not think before they ink. 
A young announcer in the states decided he was going to go get his station's logo tattooed on his upper arm. Granted, the tattoo looks very well done and done by a professional but the poor man was laid off a week later. So now he has his old job's logo tattooed front and centre for the rest of his life (unless covered up or laser removed). There are lots of "unwritten rules" when it comes to tattoos, one being, do not get your partner's name tattooed on you. 
What "Unwritten Tattoo Rule" do you know? 


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