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Weird Pet Habits

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: July 10, 2020 06:00

Always Howls at a certain Time or Show? Won't walk past a shadow? What's YOUR Pets weirdest Habit?

Our Pets are WEIRD.

Our Pets are WEIRD.

     Mowgli isn't like the other Fur kids at the Dog park. Ever since we brought her Home she's been getting WEIRDER. Yup, she fits in better every day, a real Bartley.

     Her newest wrinkle? There seems to be an "Invisible Line" in the middle of our Kitchen. In order to pass this point she must first stop. Then turn around. Then walk BACKWARD until she reaches the "other side". She can then turn forwards again and continue of her way. Luvable Mowgli

     That being said - if your Pet is displaying behaviour such as fainting or anything that could be indicitive of a health problem? Call your Vet. 

     She's a Bartley alright. What weird habits do YOUR Pets have?

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