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What Is Deemed Essential Under New Restrictions

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: November 19, 2020 13:25

Visitor Restrictions and Non-Essential Products

Retailers will not be allowed to sell items deemed non-essential beginning at 12:01 a.m. Friday, November 20th.  What is now deemed essential under the new health orders for the province of Manitoba:

• food, beverages and food preparation products;
• personal care products such as soap and dental care products;
• health-related products such as prescription drugs and vitamins;
• mobility or assistive devices;
• baby and child-care accessories such as diapers and formula;
• household cleaning products, safety devices, batteries and lightbulbs;
• outdoor winter apparel such as jackets and boots;
• personal protective equipment for the workplace;
• pet food and supplies;
• postage stamps;
• cellphones and cellphone accessories;
• parts and supplies for all types of motor vehicles and watercraft;
• major household appliances;
• hunting, fishing and trapping supplies;
• tools and hardware;
• materials for home maintenance, repair or construction;
• property maintenance products such as shovels.

When it comes to visitor restrictions, people living in a residence can no longer have people in their homes who do not live with them. The exceptions to this rule, include people offering healthcare, personal or home care services, parental or guardian visits, people who are giving or receiving child care, tutors or other educators, people providing construction, renovation, repairs or maintenance services, people delivering items, people providing real estate or moving services or people responding to an emergency.

Information on the new public health orders can be found here.

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