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What's the Biggest Work Mistake You've Made at Work

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: July 14, 2020 07:00

"Nobod'ys Prefect." 

"Nobod'ys Prefect." 

"Nobod'ys Prefect." 

     Nobody's Perfect. 

     Words not only to LIVE by, but I was considering having this on my Tombstone. "Nobod'ys Prefect." I've always said that I learn more from my failures than I do from my successes. 

     Just ask my first Wife. Here are afew of the BIGGEST Gaffe's in History.



 ALWAYS LOCK THE GATE. According to the historian Doukas, on the morning of 29 May 1453, the small postern called Kerkoporta in Istanbul was left open by accident, allowing the first fifty or so Ottoman troops to enter the city. The Ottomans raised their banner atop the Inner Wall and opened fire on the Greek defenders of the peribolos below.

 BLOCKBUSTER TURNED DOWN MULTIPLE OFFERS TO BUY NETFLIX. Ahh, the Golden Age of Video. There was a time when rental stores like Blockbuster Video were a regular part of your weekend. Online video streaming services like Netflix and small kiosk-based rental systems like Redbox destroyed the old video rental business model. Blockbuster came to the party late, even though it got an early invite. In 2000, Netflix proposed that it would handle Blockbuster's online component for it, and Blockbuster could host its in-store component (thus eliminating the need for mailed DVDs).  Blockbuster went belly up and Netflix went on to thrive.

 INFIDELITY CAN COSTY YOU. Tiger Woods’s multiple  affairs with women cost him his wife as well as 750 million dollars. He also lost his sponsorships with Gatorade and others. The shareholders of the companies with Tiger Woods endorsements lost an estimate $5 to $12 billion dollars..

What's the Biggesdt mistake you've made at work? Check out a few more Doozy's HERE. 


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