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When Did Your Partner Have Your Back

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: July 9, 2020 06:00

Sometimes all we have is each other. Share a story of when your someone had your back.

When did your Partner have your back?

     You know how Facebook takes such perverse plaesure in reminding you of the BEST and... worst days of your life? This Morning I was reminded that 5 years ago I was sailing at 10,000 feet above the Pacific hurtling towards Australia.

     It was just Sara and I. It was a trip we couldn't really afford. It was a desperate effort to try to connect with my Son Tristan. It's a long haul. Take the aisle seat.

     My first Marriage was a mess for several reasons, many of which lie solely on me, but even if I could travel backwards in Time - I wouldn't change it because of Him. I met my 1st Wife in Australia, we Married in Canada and that's where TJ (Tristan James) was born. To make a long story short he ended up travelling back Down-Under before his first Birthday. I wrote and visited several times but as he got older contact became more sporadic. Sara convinced me that we needed to get on a Plane. Scary as it was, and although it ended with Tristan deciding he didn't want to see me, I'm so grateful that Sara pushed me to do it. Through all the tears, she rescued me.

     She had my back when it would've been FAR easier to just let it go. Especially for her.

     I want to hear YOUR story. When did your someone rescue you. 

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