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White Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: October 15, 2020 09:16

THE Best Weather Predictors

Photo courtesy of Canva

White Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit is a term most often heard around campfires but at this time of year a white rabbit is an indication that snow is soon imminent.  We have all kinds of weather predictors at our disposal that use all kinds of scientific methods to forecast what we're in store for weather wise in the coming days.  Mother Nature also has her own indicators.  This morning I saw a rabbit in the Q parking lot that has already turned about half way from grey to white.  This tells me the white stuff is on it's way.   It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the snow but it's also no secret that  we have an abundance of snow sport enthusiasts right here in Brandon.  For those of you who enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing and winter hiking I hope you have a great season.  As for me, once the snow flies you'll find me curled up under a blanket patiently waiting for Spring to arrive. 

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