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Who Out There Follows the 5 Second rule

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: July 15, 2020 07:01

A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone.....

     We’ve all done it. 

     Dropped that freshly buttered piece of golden brown toast on the floor. Watched a crips and perfect Fry skitter across the counter onto the linoleum..? And many of us have contemplated whether or not to just pick it up and eat it.

     That’s why there’s the Five Second Rule, the completely unscientific belief that food left on the floor for less than five seconds is sufficiently ick-free. But scientists (at Clemson) “found that bacteria was transferred from tabletops and floors to the food within five seconds — that is the five second rule is not an accurate guide when it comes to eating food that has fallen on the floor.”

     I mean... it's not like it was in the TRASH... 


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