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Crocs Turned High Fashion

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 9, 2021 09:49

Can we just not?

Why not take something ugly and well....... make it SUPER ugly. 
I am happy to say I have never owned a pair of crocs. I do not get the appeal much like UGGS, they are just hideous. 
Now, iconic fashion brand, Balenciaga, is collaborating with the "comfort shoe" for a second time. 
Stilleto Crocs. 
The stiletto heel version looks like a regular Crocs clog, but with a narrow heel under the sole. The style comes in green and black. No price has been announced yet but in the last collaboration, the shoes when for $850 and sold out before they even reached the store shelves. 
In this new "Fashion Line", the luxury brand also created a knee-high croc boot, which honestly, is just a rain boot in my opinion. 


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