Extreme Food Competition

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: July 5, 2021 09:45

hotdogs, wings, pizza and more.

Food-eating competitions will always fascinate and confuse me. You have the pros, food and the cons, everything else. I have seen some fun light-hearted competitions like the perogy eating competition at Dauphins Countryfest. Some people even make a career out of being professional food eaters. This past Sunday, the world-famous Nathan's Hotdog Eating Competition happened and Joey Chestnut broke his previous record. 76 bun-covered water dunked hotdogs were devoured by Chestnut in 10 minutes. If you deem this event unnecessary and wasteful, the competition does donate $10,000 to their local food bank.
If you have to enter a food-eating competition, what food would you want? 


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