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Getting Paid to Cuddle

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 15, 2021 11:21

Personal contact/physical touch has been decreased this past year due to the pandemic. Here in Manitoba, we have been under what some people would say as the strictest restrictions in the country and for the longest. For those people who need human touch and interaction, how have they been coping? How have they been doing it safely?
Coming across a recent article this morning, I discovered there are jobs out there that almost seem specialized to those very questions. 
Professional cuddlers. 
A woman in Chicago makes $100 an hour for cuddling her clients. 
Right off the bat, you think, just cuddling? 
She stated that there is a strict set of rules in place to protect her from anything that crosses the line beyond her services.
Part of me thinks "good for her, finding an outside the box job" 
Another part admittedly thinks "How safe can this be? You're hugging strangers" 
The full story on professional cuddlers can be found here.


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