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Jimmy Fallon Didn't Get The Joke

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 10, 2021 13:14

Canadians get a good laugh out of it

You would think Jimmy Fallon had people research for him before he made a mistake on live TV. At least this time, we Canadians got a good laugh out of the understandable mistake. 
I think we all know what "No Frills" is. If not well... it's a Canadian discount grocery store chain. I loved their $1 days when I was in college. 
The company has had some really cool marketing campaigns in the past including, releasing its own album back in September entitled "Haulin' State of Mind".
Not meant to be taken seriously, they knew it wasn't a Grammy contender. 
Jimmy Falon though, didn't get the memo. He went on for almost two minutes ripping on the record during a recurring segment called "Jimmy's Do Not Play List," in which he highlights particularly bad songs and artists.
The full story with video clips can be found here. 


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