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Socially Accepted Rudeness

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 16, 2021 10:26

Do you consider these things to be rude or acceptable?

When it comes to things or people that are rude, we all have a fair understanding. People will consider the guy racing north on 18th street to cut in front of the left lane at the merge rude. When it comes to rude things that are pretty normalized by society, where do you stand?

Things like:

  1.  Is reclining your airplane seat without asking the person behind you first considered rude?
  2. Is telling someone to smile considered rude?
  3.  Is being late all the time a super-rude thing to do?
  4. Is asking someone when they're getting married and/or having kids a super-rude thing to do?
  5.  Is touching a pregnant woman's stomach without asking, a rude thing to do?
  6. Do you think asking someone how much money they make is rude?

Here is a Poll you can take to see if what you consider rude is socially accepted.

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