You Think People Would Have Learned By Now

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 10, 2021 10:16

Boy, Girl Or Wildfire?

Nothing says "We are having a baby" like a good old-fashioned explosion these days. We have talked about gender-reveal parties and how they have grown to the point they have been considered dangerous in certain situations. People have died as a result of " Is it a boy or girl?" parties.

The latest incident occurred in Fort McMurray, Alberta. 



"Travis Fairweather, a wildfire information officer, says the party was taking place about 10 kilometres west of Fort McMurray on May 31.


An exploding target full of blue or pink powder didn’t just reveal the baby’s gender — it started a significant blaze.

The fire grew in size to about half of a Canadian Football League field."


A $600 fine was issued to the party organizers. 

In your opinion, what is the best way to do a gender reveal? 



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