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Summer, September School, and the other S Word…

By: Westman Radio Creative
Posted: September 4, 2020 06:00

Do you wait until the snow falls before changing your tires?

Summer, September, School and the other S word … SNOW! 

Even though 2020 has been an abnormal year, the kids will go back to school, and even COVID won’t stop mother nature! Yes, before you know it, the weather man will start saying the S word! And when he does - me and almost everyone else will NEED to put on our Winter Tires…and we all want them on now! 

Jesse Cords, owner of Fountain Tire Brandon ...says you can beat the rush by simply changing your tires based on the calendar, not mother nature!  “End of September, October is a great time to change those tires; and don’t worry, you won’t wreck your winter tires in slightly warmer fall temps.”  

Do Winter Tires make THAT much of a difference?

All season tires tend to get hard like hockey pucks in temperatures below 7 degrees. With All Season Tires, it’s dangerously easier to skid across the ice than to stop and turn! 

Winter tires and All -Weather Tires; marked with the three-peak mountain symbol...

...give you more grip and traction on the ice, slush and snow. Stopping, starting and turning are much safer; reducing your chance of fender benders. 

All-weather tires

How Often Do I NEED to get NEW Tires? 

One factor depends on your driving habits; gravel roads vs highway. Or if you’ve had regular wheel alignments, which are NOT included in a tire switch over… you should be able to get about 5 to 6 years use for a set of seasonal tires. 3 to 4 years on All Weather; since you’re driving 12 months of the year on the same set.  

While Winter and All-Weather Tires are not mandatory; MPI does offer low rate financing on Winter and All Weather tires; up to $2000 per vehicle. To see if you qualify click here 

Now you know WHEN to change your tires. Beat the rush and make an appointment to change your tires by visiting Fountain Tire Brandon.

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