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Four abandoned, emaciated puppies were found by a good Samaritan near La Salle, MB

By: Q Country/Star FM News
Posted: March 27, 2023 08:47

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue says it's over-capacity and donations are trending down

Image - Manitoba Underdogs Rescue

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue (MUR) is in possession of four puppies found by a good Samaritan outside of La Salle Manitoba on March 22, 2023.

In a media release, the organizations says the puppies were found abandoned, extremely malnourished, covered in fleas, and nearly frozen.

(Image - Manitoba Underdogs Rescue)
"This just keeps happening in Manitoba. In this case, we suspect a 'backyard breeder' abandoned these dogs after failing to sell them. This is the second time in as many months that we've come across this situation. Combine that with the number of people who are abandoning or relinquishing animals that they adopted during the COVID lockdown and cannot support, and the ballooning stray population in Manitoba and we're at a full crisis situation,"said MUR Executive Director Jessica Hansen.

(Image - Manitoba Underdogs Rescue)

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue is currently over capacity with 100+ dogs in care and donations trending down. "We need more funding and a better strategy for dealing with animals in this province. We need help. Foster homes, donations, food. We need help!" said Hansen.

(Image - Manitoba Underdogs Rescue)

Hansen said, expenses for the pups are climbing. Three puppies were transferred to a foster home. One puppy was readmitted to the veterinary hospital because of weakness, lethargy and low body temperature. She has since been discharged to be with her siblings and will be monitored at home. These puppies are not out of the woods due to the condition they were left in.

The release said donations for the pups are being accepted through their website at https://www.manitobaunderdogs.org/ 

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