Law banning leaving pets unattended in scorching or freezing vehicles has passed MB Legislature

By: Q Country/Star FM News
Posted: December 2, 2022 08:20

MLA's also passed several other laws before the winter break

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(Editor's note: Temperature range has been corrected to read "above 22 degrees celcius, or below minus 10 degrees").

Manitoba provincial politicians passed several laws before heading into their winter break including an amendment to the Vital Statistics Act to allow for the registration and proper spelling of traditional names, and raising the minimum wage to $14.15-an-hour next April.

10 pieces of legislation were also introduced during the session including the Official Time Amendment Act to set the groundwok for ending Daylight Saving Time, a bill to ease liquor regulations, another to remove a 6% levy on cannabis retailers annual revenues, and charging off-road vehicle users a $25 fee to pay for trail safety and maintenance.

And according to a media release, "after only being introduced on Monday, November 28, Fort Whyte MLA Obby Khan has successfully passed the Animal Care Amendment Act with unanimous support. This bill bans leaving a pet in a vehicle without climate control running in temperatures 22 degrees or higher, or below minus 10 degrees."

"Animal welfare in our province just became stronger," said Khan. "Officers of the law can now act province-wide to save animals from suffering during extreme temperatures. This is an all-around win."

"The bill has gained support from legislators and activists alike, such as the Winnipeg Humane Society and Winnipeg Blue Bomber and Animal Rights Activist Brady Oliveira. It is also MLA Obby Khan's first piece of legislation since becoming the new Fort Whyte MLA earlier this year. 

"I know that the majority of residents in Fort Whyte and across Manitoba are glad to see this step in protecting animals," said Khan. "I look forward to seeing the positive change in our communities that this will bring."

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