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Temporary relocation of Neonatal ICU at Brandon hospital has been delayed

By: Q Country/Star FM News
Posted: January 31, 2023 17:01

Move delayed due to construction timeline

Image - BRHC - courtesy Harley Macklin

The plan to temporarily relocate the Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has been delayed due to a change in the construction timeline. 

Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC) expansion project continues with the foundation work of the new building located on the north side of BRHC. When pile driving of posts into the ground close to the north wall occurs, it will require temporary changes inside the hospital where the NICU and Maternity Ward are located.

Please note that all moms will still labour and deliver in the Maternity Unit when this move happens.

Due to noise and vibration during pile driving in this area close to the hospital wall, NICU babies and their moms will be moved to 200 Surgery (2nd floor) after delivery. Visitation in the NICU may also be limited to one person per baby due to space. If the NICU is at capacity, you and your baby may be transferred to Winnipeg.

Some maternity patients and their babies may also be required to move to 200 surgery after delivery. Patients moved may have to share a room with other moms, and the space may not accommodate a support person overnight. 

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