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Another Dangerous Tik Tok Trend

By: Brittany Hamilton
Posted: June 12, 2021 15:16

Some trends just aren't worth trying.

Image: Canva

Image: Canva

 Once again Tik Tok has a new viral challenge, this time involving dry pre-workout powder. The challenge called the “dry scooping” challenge is of someone taking a big scoop of a pre-work powder without mixing it with any water. The point of the challenge is so the body can absorb the powder quickly but it’s just dangerous.

  Experts say doing this can affect blood pressure and one Tik Tok user ended up in hospital with heart attack-like symptoms because of the dangerous challenge. If you remember the “cinnamon challenge” this is similar but even worse. Just don't do this challenge and mix your pre-workout powder with water, follow the directions on the package and drink it gradually before a workout.

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