Beating The Blues

By: Brittany Hamilton
Posted: June 10, 2021 19:02

How To Feel Better When Your Feeling Down

Image: Canva

Image: Canva

Have you been feeling low lately? Having problems feeling motivated or getting out of bed each morning? I think most of us have not been the greatest lately. Maybe it's been the weather recently or the pandemic.
I know I have been feeling very low and super unmotivated recently. Usually, to snap out of this I would go see my family but that isn't an option at the moment. There are other ways though to beat the blues and get back on a positive track. 

  One of the ways I try to feel better is doing something that I enjoy,  like reading or sitting outside to get some fresh air. Maybe you could try working on a project or spend time with your pets if you have any. I found a top 10 list of ways to help your mood when you're feeling down. CLICK HERE for the list and I hope that some of the suggestions make you feel better! 

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