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Dads Be Afraid

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: June 16, 2021 07:35

Mom Gifts vs Dad Gifts

Photo courtesy of Canva

For Mother's Day we traditionally look for thoughtful, sentimental, emotion producing gifts that will give Mom that warm fuzzy loved feeling.  Why is it when it comes to Father's Day many of us lean towards the gag gift?  The Bad Jokes Bathroom Reader, camoflauge toilet paper, and sarcasm printed on coffee mugs and t-shirts are perennial favorites.  I gotta admit - I'm guilty of presenting all of those to my Dad at one time or another.  To be fair, my Dad was pretty hard to buy for.  He never spoke of things he wanted, he wasn't into sports, didn't smoke (so the handmade ashtray was out of the quetion), didn't read a lot, and didn't really collect anything.  He loved to tend to his potato garden, cut grass, and build or fix anything and everything.  I learned very early that you NEVER buy tools for a handiman or mechanic - they're very particular.  So - that leaves the Bad Dad Gifts.  check out the link below for 14 of the WORST Dad gifts ever.  There's also a link for the Qcountry 91.5 Dad's Day Contest in case you want to get him something really cool.

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