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By: Leanne Doty
Posted: June 8, 2021 07:07

Get This Thing Off Of Me

Photo courtesy of Canva

It's tick season.  The sight of a tick can send some people into an absolute frenzy while others seem to be super laid back about it simply pulling the tick off and disposing of it.  I'm the latter,  but I do understand why some would panic, especially with the very real possibility of Lyme Disease and it's debilitating effects.  Protecting my dog is easy - regular doses of Nexguard does an amazing job.  Protecting people is a little more difficult.  Long pants and sleeves when walking in wooded areas, be vigilant when checking yourself for ticks, and if you do find a tick that has latched on choose a safe removal method that you are comfortable with.  Everyone has their own ideas of the best and safest way to remove the tick.  You can check out the video below for some ideas.

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