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Is The Name Karen Going Extinct?

By: Chip
Posted: June 5, 2021 07:25

Since the year 2000, the name 'Karen' has gone from the 153rd most popular girls names to 831st in 2020

Parents with child

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This just in! Karen wants to speak to the manager of baby name-givers because the name Karen has dropped in popularity drastically in the last year according to Social Security Administration.

Throughout 2020 the name Karen fell 171 spots on the popularity list.  There were only 325 baby girls named Karen which is down from the previous years and the reason for this drop is because the name Karen became a meme last year for a woman seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.

It's a shame because I actually really like the name Karen. I'm wondering if there have been any new Karens born in Westman over the past couple of years?

On the flip side, the baby names that had the biggest jump were 'Kobe' for boys and 'Gianna' for girls. After the helicopter crash back in January last year.

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