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Some Like It Hot And Others Are Just Thirsty

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 14, 2021 10:19

H20 always

The heat has been with us now for a few weeks in Westman. High temperatures and humidity make for great Summer weather but also bring with it some dangers. We always talk about how you should wear sunscreen and stay hydrated when you are outside on hot days, but do you know the signs of dehydration? 

This health issue is more serious than you might think and could land you in the hospital.

Heatstroke occurs when the body temperature gets above 105 degrees.


Dehydration signs to look for:


  1. Increased thirst and a dry or sticky mouth
  2. signs of fatigue, confusion or anger
  3. dry eyes or blurred vision
  4. headaches or disorientation 
  5. muscle cramps
  6. lack of sweat 
  7. dark urine 
  8. fever
  9. shrivelled or dry skin 


Stay safe and stay hydrated. 

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