World-First Weight Loss Device? More Like Torture Device

By: Chip
Posted: June 28, 2021 19:14
Weight Loss Device

Photo Credit: University of Otago

Some people will go to extreme lengths to try and lose weight. Very extreme lengths apparently!

A team of researchers in New Zealand have come up with the World's First weight loss device! This device is attached to your teeth and essentially locks it shut!

The device is called the DentalSlim Diet Control and it is a magnetic contraption that uses locking bolts to restrict a person from eating solid foods.

How it works is that they attach it to your upper and lower teeth and you can only open your mouth by 2mm. Apparently it does not restrict breathing or talking… but 2mm is not a lot of space. 

It's being described as a torture device because it looks so unpleasant.

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